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3 Shootings in 3 Days

Gilroy, CA, at the Garlic Festival.
El Paso TX, at the Walmart that I go to when traveling
and Dayton, OH.
The people shooting and killing strangers in a crowd are almost always on anti-depressants or suffering from antidepressant withdraw. This is not my opinion. It is a fact.
One of the side effects of anti-depressants is wanting to kill yourself, your family, friends and perfect strangers. The drugs have been black-boxed which means by law they have to let you know about the dangerous side effects. They are listed right on the box. But despite the warnings, some doctors and psychiatrists continue to claim the drugs are safe, Based on this false information parents allow their kids to take them.
On in a thousand people on these drugs takes a human life. Usually, it is suicide, family member or domestic partner. Sometimes they kill strangers.
These drugs are made by the same chemical companies that are lobbying for mandatory vaccines, interfering with our food supply and creating opioid addictions and then making billions selling the “cure’ for opioid addictions. These companies are evil.
I dislike politics. This is not meant to get into the political debate about gun control but to make people aware of the side effects of the drugs.
In countries, without guns, the murders by people on the antidepressants still happen but with other means of killing.
Behind these senseless murders are drugs and behind the drugs are billions of profit by the vested interests. They do not care about the pain and suffering their drugs are causing just profit.
Almost every aspect of our way of life is endangered by these drugs including your own life and the life of your family. If you have a loved one on these drugs, please read the literature that goes with them. Then get them off the drugs. Your own safety and happiness depend on it.
Do not invest in companies that own stocks in drug companies and do not get health insurance that offers mental health services. Get connected to CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) to learn what else you can do to help stop this murder epidemic.