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Mass shootings seem to happen so often that they are now becoming commonplace. However, the world is not quite as dangerous as you are being lead to believe. Here are a few facts that may help to ease your mind.

The chances of you or a loved one dying in a mass murder are less than one-in-ten-million. There are 330 million people in this county. On average there are 30 people killed each year in mass shootings. Some years have more, some years have less but thirty is average.

If you do the math, that means you only have a one-in-ten-million chance of being killed in a mass shooting. You have a better chance of being hit by lightning or dying in the plane crash. This does nothing to ease the pain and suffering these shootings cause, but the world is not nearly as bad as the media is making it appear.

The media twists the facts to make the world look more dangerous. They may list all gun deaths which is about 40.000 per year. One person in a thousand people dies each year from guns. Did you know 70% of the gun deaths are suicides? Most of the remaining gun deaths are related to drug dealing and gang activities. Then the majority of those shootings happen in just five cities, New Orleans, Detroit, Washinton DC, Saint Louis and Baltimore. The world is not as dangerous as some may want you to believe. So unless you kill yourself, you are pretty unlikely to die from a gun.

Everyone wants the shootings to stop, some people think it is best to be well-armed so they can stop attacks and some think it is best to get rid of all the guns. The reasoning on both sides is rational.

If there were absolutely no guns, there simply could not be any gun violence, but that does not mean there would be no mass murders. In countries without guns they still manage to have mass murder, they just use other forms of killing people, bombs seem to be a favorite.

The other philosophy is we need more guns, so people can stop the shooters. In theory, this should work, but it didn’t.

At the Parkland school shooting, the armed security guard left the building and hid behind cars in the parking lot.

At the Pulse Night Club shooting, the police surrounded the building within two minutes of getting the call, but could not get to the shooter for some time. He continued shooting people for another fifteen minutes. Even in the hands of trained professionals guns do not always solve this problem.

Since the problem does not go away despite our best efforts to make it go away, it must be assumed that there is something more about this problem that we do not understand.

The mass shooters are almost always on antidepressants when they go crazy and started killing people. Most had no prior criminal history. The drugs turned these people into killers. This is has been consistent in every case where the toxicology report of the shooter could be gotten.

Once you have the correct reason for something, positive change can start. The worst thing you can do is nothing.
You may not be able to get rid of guns because they are protected by the Second Amendment but we can rid our planet of these dangerous antidepressants which are behind the shootings.

There have been guns on Earth for many centuries but the mass shootings only started a few decades ago when antidepressants first hit the market.

To the people who want to end gun violence by getting rid of guns, channeling your efforts to getting rid of antidepressants may be more fruitful.

To the people who want to keep your guns, your right to own guns is being endangered by people using antidepressants. You need to join the battle to rid of the world of the true culprit in these mass shootings, antidepressants.