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Have We Forgotten Our Past?`

When I hear a lady come forward with a story that a man got her drunk, stoned or drugged her and then slept with her. I usually have no reason to disbelieve her, I assume it happened since I saw it so often in my teen years. It was just part of being a girl in the seventies. It happened a lot. 
Unlike many who grew up in the seventies, I still remember what happened back then. For those younger than myself, and those who have forgotten, let me inform you about life in the seventies. 
First, many of us children from the seventies had parents who were drunk or stoned much of the time. 
Yes, millennials there is a very good chance that your grandparents were high or drunk when they raised your parents. If you watch old sitcoms you will see them constantly pouring drinks. Some of those nice middle-class parents were plastered during most of your parent’s childhood.
They may have been spearheading the sexual revolution, and freeing themselves from “the shackles that made sex taboo” by having sex with as many different people as possible. 
While the parents were out boogying – yes that is what it was called. Us Gen Xers were having big parties of our own, every Friday and Saturday night. They were not just regular parties but Keg parties. Getting alcohol was a bit tricky in the seventies because most liquor stores would not sell to minors, but we banned to together to get booze for the weekends. 
It was far easier to get illegal drugs like pot, coke, than alcohol. That was just a matter of having the money to pay for the drugs. 
Usually, unwanted sex was only considered Rape if a stranger captured you and was holding you against your will. If a girl partied with a guy, the sex that followed was called, “expected.” Getting lucky,” not “rape,” even if the girl was not into it at all, said no and resisted. That was just another Saturday Night. 
“Date rape” was not a thing yet. Even rape was still not taken too seriously in many places.
Birth Control pills were still fairly new. The school’s counselors would encourage girls to take them. AIDS was not an issue yet. Being promiscuous was not considered a health risk and people rarely used condoms. Basically, it was a free for all. 
The seventies were a lot of fun, but I also saw a lot of my friends have sex with guys they did not want to have sex with. Most guys were decent people, but there were some bad ones. Me I was chubby, could fight and most important had nine scary uncles so I did not have to worry too much. 
You ask, why didn’t the girl report it back then? 
If she was underage and drinking or getting stoned and reported him, she would get in as much trouble as the guy. And there was a good chance no one would believe her. 
The world was pretty insane and unfair back then. Things are better now, rape and even date rape are taken seriously. In some states having sex with a drunk or unconscious girl is now illegal. The days of a secretary having to sleep with her boss and having her ass slapped are over. 
I think it is great that millennials are living in a world with a much higher level of morals and ethics but let’s show some respect to the women who had to put up with this abuse decades ago. 
Just like a person accused of a crime deserves a fair trial, the person who comes forward and shares a painful experience also deserves to be treated fairly. To not protect both the accused and the accuser makes us all less safe.
And yes, I know some people lie. If someone falsely accuses another of a crime, there should be severe penalties, comparable to the sentence the falsely accused would have received if found guilty. 
And since we are discussing the seventies nerds were not cool back then. They were shunned, bullied and got their asses kicked. Every time some hot person wearing black-rimmed glasses says, “Oh, I am such a nerd,” I shudder. I remember what nerds went through. 
That’s my two-cents worth.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.