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The Psychiatric Nurse

Last night at the grocery store, there was a lady agonizing over which types of fresh pasta to buy. She already had two types of ice cream and 3 types of fresh pasta in her cart. That amused me.
She said these foods helped her relax and she needs that because she has a very stressful job.
We talked for a while about various things, including some of the current events in the world.
Then I told her one of my biggest concerns is that so many people are on anti-depressants, including little children and all these shootings are all being done by people on anti-depressants.
This comment made her uncomfortable. She went from being super friendly and jovial to super uptight. She bit her lip and said, “I am a part of that.”
I just nodded my head and listened. I was expecting her to rip my face off.
She had a lot to say. She started out by saying how bad it is to drug little children. How they are being given doses that are much too high, that way too many people are being Baker Acted (Locked up in psyche facilities). There is too much access to mental health services because they are everywhere. Her list of complaints quickly passed my understanding of the problem. It went from human right violations to laws governing medical patient safety. Literally, life and death issues.
She told me that she was a psychiatric nurse in a critical care unit in a major local hospital. She would not tell me which facility.
She said she had worked in seven different states, but none were nearly as bad as Florida.
As we continued to talk, she confirmed every horrible thing that I had ever heard about psychiatric facilities. Much to my horror, she told me a whole new list of things that endanger the lives of the patients. Truly terrifying stuff.
She told me when a patient dies from neglect, they just say, “Oh well, they had an aneurysm.”
She told me the nurse is a *patient advocate, they are supposed to be on the side of the patient and to make sure the patient is okay, help them understand what is happening, ensure their meds are correct, etc. But she said anytime the nurse tries to advocate for the patient, they risk getting fired.*A Patient Advocate is a person who represents and campaigns for the interests of patients within a health-care system. (Role of the Patient Advocate in Mental Health)She had so much to say about the violation of laws that cover patience safety. She summed it up by saying, “Every single day that I go to work, I do not have the things that I need to properly care for the patients, to monitor patients or to ensure their safety.”
I asked her if things were really as bad as the movie, “One flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”
She said, “Oh no, they are not like that anymore. That has all been cleaned up. Well most of them. Well, maybe some facilities have just one unit that is like that.”
I asked her, “So, are there any Nurse Rachets?” (A very evil psych nurse from the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)
After I asked this question, she paused, clenched her teeth, tightened her jaw muscles, got a look of hate in her eyes. She took a deep breath, as she let it out her nostrils flared and she said, “There are nurse Rachets” She took another deep breath and tried to regain her composure.
She was unable to cover her rage about evil co-workers.
I do not know if her rage was about how she had treated or if it was about seeing patient mistreatment. I assume the latter.
I mostly let her talk and only asked a few questions. I did not get a chance to ask her about ECT and children. (Electric Shock Therapy).
She said she wants to do something to make things better. I suggested she write a book or a blog. She told me that others who have tried to make things right, have gotten in trouble and always lose their jobs. She wanted to write a sit comm because the people who work there are just as crazy and the patients and thought it would be funny.
I gave her my contact data and told her that I know people who can help her and even sponsor her in these endeavors.
I do not know if anything will come of this. She was tired and stressed out. I caught her off guard. She communicated how she truly felt about her life, job, and co-workers. But she makes a lot of money doing her job and sadly most people who are a vested interest will put the money ahead of doing the right thing.
She is a Christian woman. I think this lady got into this line of work because she wanted to help, now she is a cog in a very evil system. I fear her soul is in jeopardy if she does not find a new line of work.
Written by Julia Tanno You may repost.

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