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One in every thousand people who take antidepressants kills a human being. Usually, it is suicide. Sometimes they take the life of a loved one. A dozen or so times each year a person taking antidepressants opens fire on a crowd of people.  When these mass murders occur, they are followed by a media frenzy. Lots of speculation and finger-pointing but the antidepressant connection is rarely mentioned. The thousands of deaths that happen each year from antidepressants are generally not reported. Some journalists and whistleblowers have had the integrity to alert the public to the dangers of antidepressants but sadly, the fields of journalism and pharmaceuticals are filled with people who have vested interests. Like all companies, they have to make money to stay in business. In America, the Pharmaceutical Industry makes more money than any other industry. They also spend the most money on advertising. You simply do not piss off your best client if you want to stay in business. 
My deepest respect to the brave men and women who came forward and made known the risks of these drugs.
The following video is the most intense video I have ever seen. It could be titled, “Seven Minutes of Hell.” Please force yourself to watch it. Learn what antidepressants are doing to our world and how deep the rabbit hole really goes.